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Basic Licence

Congratulations on your decision to become a certified paraglider pilot. The program you are embarking on is designed to give you the best results but is a thorough and intensive course for which the outcome is to turn you into a safe, confident and competent pilot.

During this program you will learn about glider aerodynamics, meteorology, thermal flying, ridge soaring, flight manoeuvres and emergency procedures. The course starts at our local training fields and progresses to our training hill in D’Urberville Hills where the mild weather conditions and forgiving slopes provide gentle low take offs and easy landings for your first solo flights. Here we focus on building your launching, landing and flight techniques through intensive ground handling and repetitious flights, before progressing to higher launch sites.

The course length is variable, the average student taking 9 days to complete the logged skill requirements and Basic Licence written exam, but our objective is to give you that extra input and we therefore include 3 extra days to help you build your confidence and ensure you get some advanced flying tips that will see you safely integrated into the wonderful world of paragliding.

If you require more than 15 days, or 6 weeks from your initial lessons to complete your Basic License course, additional fees will be required.

To Book or Book & Pay, please fill in the information below. You can also pay on the day. Your booking is a preferred date & time. Flights are dependent on the weather, we cannot fly in bad weather. We will confirm your booking or contact you for an alternate date & time.

We also offer a service, whereby we can  "pick you up & drop you off Transfers in Cape Town." This service is at an extra cost of R150.00 cash on the day.

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Please select the preferred date that you would like & we will get back to you to confirm it. Please Note: We cannot fly in adverse weather so do not operate on days that are not suitable to safely paraglide.

You are required to be over the weight of 20kg and under the maximum weight of 120kg. Please list the weights of the people that will be flying.